RI K-9 Academy


guard1RI K-9 Academy offers 24 HOUR EMERGENCY RESPONSE K-9 SECURITY TEAMS. Put your mind at ease, our K-9 handlers will protect your home, business or property. Short or long-term protection, while you’re away on vacation or if you require the highest in K-9 security, RI K-9 Academy does it all.


Our man / dog teams will patrol and protect your premises at designated times during the day or night to make sure you have no unauthorized breaches.


Our K-9 handlers will check your property at random times during the day or night to ensure there are no issues or unauthorized entries.


guard2RI K-9 Academy knows what it’s like for key holders to have to respond during the night for their alarm. We can handle the response or meet the key holder so they do not have to enter the premises alone. Your alarm company would contact us directly so you may stay asleep. By the time you awake, a detailed report will be waiting for you with a full explanation of the cause of the alarm. Our alarm response is a total solution to your after-hours concerns.

No K-9s will ever be left on your site without a handler, and guard dog signs will be posted when applicable. Ask about our lease-to-own guard dog programs.